Non-Resident Taxation

Guidance for Non-Residents

Watson & Company provides non-resident individuals and corporations guidance and compliance related services on non-resident taxation issues. We assist our non-resident clients in managing compliance with Canadian tax requirements as administered by Canada Revenue Agency.

Should you be a non-resident holding a property or disposing a property in Canada, contact us regarding your Canadian tax filing requirements which include tax forms NR4 and NR6, clearance certificate requests, and non-resident tax returns required under Section 115 and 116 of the Income Tax Act.

Compliance Services

We give guidance on tax regulations, helping you to complete and file tax returns, and resolve any tax-related disputes or audits. We can also help you understand the various tax credits, deductions, and exemptions that are available to non-residents, and can advise on how to maximize tax savings.

Non-Resident Assets

We help non-residents understand Canadian tax laws and regulations and guide them in creating an effective tax structure that minimizes liability. Additionally, we can advise on appropriate estate planning techniques to ensure the smooth transfer of assets to beneficiaries, as well as provide strategies to reduce the risk of loss due to potential legal or financial issues.

A True Partner

We leverage our expertise in Canadian tax and financial laws, to help non-residents effectively manage and protect their assets. We provide friendly and relatable consulting that’s easy to understand.

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